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Spa Treatments

Massage therapies are not simply relaxing, but they also impart important health benefits. Following the relaxation of the Onsen, your body will be supremely receptive to the benefits of massage. Our Spa therapies offer the perfect balance of relaxation and invigoration, allowing you to retain the calm of the Onsen, whilst also giving you the energy you need to return back to daily life.

Each of our treatments have been expertly developed and are skillfully applied to suit individual customer needs. The variety of pressures and massage techniques are tailored to you and your body, and relieve tension, improve circulation, and restore vitality.

Thai Massage

Consisting of techniques developed over thousands of years, traditional Thai massage is a holistic therapy grounded in physiology and traditional Oriental medicine. Our experienced therapists will consult with you to identify your desired pressure levels and any areas of focus. They will then use ancient combinations of body rocking, rhythmic acupressure, and deep assisted stretches to balance your essential energies, relieve stress and tension, alleviate muscular and joint pain, improve flexibility, and stimulate circulation.

Aroma Massage

Our Aroma Massage combines the best massage techniques from across the globe to create a soothing and relaxing experience. Consult with your skilled therapist concerning your desired pressure levels and any areas of focus, and then simply switch off and enjoy. Fragrant essential oils boost the effects of the expert massage with their natural healing properties and relieve any traces of stress and tension. Aroma Massage also helps to ease aches and pains, alleviate muscle and tendon injuries, soothe headaches, and holistically balance your energy levels.

Herbal Compress

Thai herbalism is an ancient tradition that has been preserved for thousands of years. This treatment combines the benefits of Thai massage and Thai herbal remedy to create a stimulating yet soothing therapy. Fragrant medicinal herbs are tightly bound inside cloth and steamed until hot to release their healing oils. Your therapist will perform a skilled Thai massage, and then press the healing compress across the entire body to stimulate energy lines, deeply relax the muscles and nerves, and soften and nourish the skin. Thai herbal remedies have been known to benefit many conditions, from stress and anxiety, to chronic pain and arthritis.

Body Scrub

A facial for the body, this invigorating and natural body scrub exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, leaving you feeling soft and silky. Whether you wish to be relaxed or invigorated, your skilled therapist will sweep the scrub across your body at the desired pressure level, and massage it into your skin to detoxify and cleanse. The pressure and texture of the scrub improves blood flow and skin tone and removes dead skin cells to reveal a new, youthful you. The Body Scrub is perfect as a stand-alone treatment or as a precursor to a massage.

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