Facilities | Bangkok | Yunomori

Yunomori Cafe

Escape busy city life for anything from few hours to an entire day thanks to Yunomori’s all-encompassing facilities.

Yunomori Cafe offers healthy homemade Japanese-style food and snacks for customers to enjoy during their relaxing retreat.

Nutritious beverages, refreshing and traditional Japanese desserts, and light savoury bites are all freshly made on our premises so that there is no need for you to interrupt your stay to search for sustenance.

Cafe Menu#1 | Cafe Menu#2

Bino Mori Aesthetics

Bino Mori Aesthetic is a place for advanced beauty techniques. We are specialists in ultra thread lifting, fillers, botox, anti-ageing treatments and various other fields of cosmetic procedures. Through these expert non-invasive treatments, our highly experienced doctors bring the best results for our patients and the secret to looking younger.

Japanese Dining Dontaku

Putting love into food and heart into service, we present the same standard of Japanese hospitality - “Omotenashi” - right here Bangkok. As a real Izakaya, we offer hearty yet casual Japanese food for the best value just for your relaxation from the daily grind.

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