Yunomori Japanese Onsen & Spa (Singapore)

Yunomori Onsen & Spa is the first large scale and authentic Japanese Onsen in Singapore with an aim to provide a holistic retreat with a combination of Thai and Japanese traditional therapeutic wisdom. Apart from introducing a unique and first of its kind Japanese Onsen & Spa offering in Singapore, we will also aim to set a benchmark for our Japanese-perfected hospitality culture, exceptional service and industry leading productivity achieved through process and technology.

The healing properties and health benefits of Japanese Onsen are attributed to the mineral composition and temperatures of the baths. The temperatures and mineral content of these sacred waters detoxify and relax the body, making it supremely receptive to the holistic Thai massage skills of our Spa’s expert therapists.

Yunomori is a retreat from the hectic nature of city life. Whether you need to escape for an hour or a day, our Onsen, Spa, Cafe, and Beauty Clinic will nurture you back to perfect health.